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4km Assault Course

With more than 60 epic obstacles!

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The Dirty Weekend Assault Course

Our assault course in Stamford is what really sets us apart from anything else in the UK. Formerly host to Rat Race Dirty Weekend, the world’s largest assault course, ours features over 4km of obstacles made famous in this legendary event. 

The course contains 60+ obstacles, scattered around the forest over a 4km-long loop, which starts and finishes at our basecamp area. Experience our ‘Rollercoaster’ obstacle which takes you high up into the trees on wooden walkways of ever-increasing height; plus the enormous ‘Ewok Village’ – the single biggest obstacle structure ever built for such a course. Choose to take on the assault course as a big team together, or organise your own race between yourselves, with group members setting off in small groups or individually. The course is fully waymarked and safety signage is positioned at relevant obstacles.

You can choose to take on the assault course unsupervised, or add some of our fun and professional staff members to chaperone and look after the group out on the course. A base level of fitness if required and you should expect to get a bit wet & muddy, topple in the trenches. There is no full immersion in water, unless you want to pair your Dirty Weekend assault course experience with ‘Walk the Plank’ as a final activity before hitting the showers – see description of this fun attraction under our activities list


SUITABLE FOR: Anyone with a base level of fitness. You can choose to walk or run around the course

DURATION: Depends how fast you go! Also the experience will take longer if tackling it as a big group. Expect 1 – 2 hrs depending on pace of the group

from £20

per person

AGE LIMIT: 10+ (Adult consent and supervision required for Under 16s)

GROUP SIZE: Unlimited

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