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Escape Rooms

Book an escape room adventure in Stamford today!

Escape Room Enterance
Escape Room lock
Inside the escape room

Underground Escape Rooms

For a fun and unique underground escape room experience.

Escape Rooms are all the rage in cities across the land, but we’ve taken a cheeky twist and buried ours underground! 

Our Secret Bunker Escape Room experience will see you descend into Old Man Jones’ bunker, then attempt to escape by working together and solving a load of bonkers puzzles hidden in plain sight by that dastardly fiend.

We have 2 identical Escape Room facilities; so we can cater for 16 people every hour. With a large group, we can of course rotate folk through different activities and can therefore cater to up to around 100 people/ day through the Escape Rooms.

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SUITABLE FOR: Keen puzzlers and super sleuths

DURATION: 45-60 minutes



per person

GROUP SIZE: Up to 8 per room

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