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Underground Escape Rooms

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Escape Room Enterance
Escape Room lock
Inside the escape room

Stamford Escape Rooms

For a fun and unique underground escape room experience.

Another unique ‘look at us’ activity only to be found at Forest Facility. Escape Rooms are all the rage in city centres across the land, but we’ve taken a cheeky twist and buried ours underground. Our Secret Bunker Escape Room experience will see you descend into Old Man Jones’ bunker, then attempt to escape by working together and solving a load of puzzles hidden in plain sight by that dastardly fiend.

We have 2 identical Escape Room facilities; so we can cater for 16 people every hour. With a large group, we can of course rotate folk through different activities and can therefore cater to up to around 100 people/ day through the Escape Rooms.


SUITABLE FOR: Keen puzzlers and super sleuths

DURATION: 45-60 minutes



per person

GROUP SIZE: Up to 8 per room

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