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Treetop Challenges

Our tree climbing challenges present a perfect combo of adrenaline and team-building content, encouraging team-members to stretch their mental and physical limits, overcome fears (notably at height) and work together to solve physical and mental problems. All the while attached to the end of a rope should someone take a wobble.

Huge climbing obstacles
Adventures in the forest
Outdoor corporate fun

Jacob's Ladder

Gladiator Challenge

Solo Tree Climb

This is a tough team task which sees the team work together to ascend a series of horizontal poles – the ‘ladder’ – which increase gradually in the distance between them. Exposure from height and working together as a team to solve this vertical conundrum is the name of the game here, whilst your team-mates belay you (that is, man the safety ropes) and issue instructions to assist from below.

This is a series of obstacles arranged in a line ‘vertically’ from ground level into the tree tops. Team members will be nominated to navigate the obstacles skyward while other members keep them safe on the ropes from below.

SUITABLE FOR: Those with reasonable strength to climb and confidence at heights

DURATION: 60 minutes


Channel your inner-squirrel to take on this 10 metre solo climb up the side of a big old chunk of a trunk.

Don't worry, you'll be safe on the end of a rope should you drop your nuts.



per person


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