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The Power Tower

The 3-in-1 Adrenalin Tower - Climbing Wall, Zip-lines & Leap of Faith

Wall climbing in the forest Stamford
Outdoor wall climbing adventure
Two 80 metre ziplines

Climbing, Ziplining and The Leap-of-Faith

If your're looking for an adventure with zip lines, abseiling and more, then our Power Tower is perfect for you.

Packing an almighty adventure punch, our purpose-built 12 metre Power Tower is 100% pure adrenaline. We have 3 classic outdoor action activities on the mighty tower – Climbing progressively harder routes, Two 80-metre ziplines travelling up to 20 metres per second, and the fabulously fear-inducing Leap-of-Faith!

The adrenaline tower experience can easily be added onto an assault course session as a fitting finale activity after catching your breath as it is located right at the end of the assault course at our basecamp.  Check out our Double-Up Deals saving more money when you pair up two activities.

Forest Facility Exclusive

SUITABLE FOR: Fearless high flyers or those wanting to face their fears

DURATION: 90 minutes for all 4 activities.





per person

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