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Raft Building Activities

Book your raft building activity near Stamford!

Company staff raft building and team bonding
Out on the water with self built rafts
Fun on the rafts in the water at Forest Facility

Raft Building In Stamford

For a fun and unique raft building experience.

A team-building rite-of-passage. Using a selection of barrels, wooden planks and rope, you will work together to make a raft; and then cast off onto our lake. Choose to unleash your inner Pirate and paddle around our raft ‘treasure trail,’ working together to power the craft and collecting a series of clues to find the treasure (treasure sweet treats provided!). Or go for an all-out raft race with other rafts and see who sinks; or swims…!

SUITABLE FOR: Team building, parties, stag and hen do's

DURATION: 1 - 2 hours



per person


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