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Team Tasks

Enjoy fun team task activities in Stamford!

Fun outdoor team tasks
Team bonding tasks for company days out
Working together as a team

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A team-building favourite and used widely by the military to teach, assess and instil leaderhip in its people, our command tasks are ideal ‘ice-breaker’ activities. These comprise a series of immersive ‘scenarios’ in which a team leader will be chosen, to then take their team through a set ‘command task.’ No special skills are required, the scenarios are typically not overtly physical in nature and all equipment for the completion of the task is provided. The tasks are also all set at ground level, making them suitable for involvement of those with physical impairments also. We can mix up the leaders, appoint deputies and throw in curveballs along the way, all to test the team’s ability to work together as a cohesive unit.

SUITABLE FOR: Anyone up for the challenge

DURATION: 1 hour



per person


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