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Laser Tag Forest Style

Birthday Parties, Team Building, Capture the Flag, Tug of War, Domination and more....

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Laser Tag In Stamford

For a fun and unique laser tag experience.

Forest laser tag games are fun with friends, family and are suitable for all occasions. You can take aim an fire from up to 400 metres away using one of our laser weapons with unlimited shots available.

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Unlimited hot & cold drinks included

SUITABLE FOR: Sneaky snipers and sharp shooting team players

DURATION: 2 hours


GROUP SIZE: up to 20 per game

Lock and load and square up on opposing teams as you do battle in the rugged woods!

Laser tag is great fun and unlike its messier cousin – paintballing – it's ‘no impact’ either.

Split into teams and do battle in our purpose-built arenas on site right near to our basecamp for those looking for the classic forest battle experience.


  • Birthday Parties

  • School Leavers

  • Sport Clubs

  • Stag/Hen Do's

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Friendly Get Together


Our goal is to ensure EVERY CHILD, boys & girls, no matter their age, leaves having experienced one of the best adventures of their life, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Missions are a full two-hours and include squash and unlimited shots. You also get unlimited ammo to capture the flag and make sure the General makes it safely to headquarters.



per person


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Forest Facility Stamford is proud to provide the latest weaponry and technology for our customers, guaranteeing the best laser tag experience ever.

Our guns are on a whole different level! 

They’re prototyped, designed, and built in the UK!
And tested in the forest!

Our guns are packed full of Fortnite / Call of Duty style games. They include shields, respawns, multi-ammo modes, even a zombie mode if you’re feeling brave enough. 

They talk to you during the game ensuring you know how much armour and ammo you have left.

Plus, they’re super strong and they’re light, so light they’re easy to use for even the youngest players.
(unlike many other centres who still use heavy, old-fashioned equipment)  


Whether it is your next birthday party, corporate team-building exercise or other activities,
our experienced field marshalls, combined with our awesome weapons mean we have what it takes to create a truly memorable experience.

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